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Free- trial

If you are interested in joining our academy, our free trial class is Monday, Wednesday or Thursday Adult BJJ Fundamentals. Click here for your Free Trial Class.


Drop-in Policy

A safe training environment for our students is our top priority. Our academy accepts pre-approved Checkmat drop-ins. If you are not an enrolled member and would like to drop-in for a Jiu-Jitsu class, please contact us at for prior approval.


Adult BJJ Fundamentals

This class is a pre-requisite for new students. It is also a great class for upper belts to continue to drill and improve upon the fundamentals.

Adult BJJ

This class is open to students of all levels upon completing the required BJJ Fundamentals classes. This training session offers continued focus on fundamentals and introduces more advanced techniques and submissions. All classes include live rolling. Students must be assessed and approved by the head instructor prior to any sparring.


Youth BJJ 

We offer a range of youth classes and a schedule structured to provide the optimal training experience for children across all ages (starting at approx. 4 years) and skill levels. Our classes are taught by Black Belt instructors who teach a structured curriculum and a strengthening training system, as well as reinforce discipline and respect.

Women’s BJJ

Our ladies learn, have fun and support one another. This class really is for all women! The safety of all of our students is always top priority at our Academy. We provide a safe and welcoming training environment for women who want to learn the fundamentals of jiu-jitsu and self-defense and for women who want to advance their technique even to the level of competing. We have an extensive variety of training partners and understand that each person has different goals and we engage accordingly. We may even offer some occasional social engagements.


Adult Private Training
This is a private session for enrolled students only who completed the required Adult BJJ Fundamentals Classes. To ensure a safe training environment, students must be assessed and approved by the head instructor prior to any sparring.

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